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UAN Member Portal is very helpful to Employee. Here are some best Facilities of UAN Portal. Download UAN Passbook. Check claim Status on UAN Member Portal with Login:

Guide for UAN Member Portal: UAN Member Portal is available for Employees who have a Provident Fund Account under EPFO. In order to log in to UAN Member Portal, the Employee must have registered himself. Once Employee registers on UAN Member Portal, all his PF Accounts and Member IDs get merged with one UAN Number. UAN stands for Universal Account Number which is provided to the Members who contributes to Provident Fund. The member must have completed UAN Based Activation Process successfully. Thereafter, the Employee can check activities of all EPF Accounts by logging on to UAN Member Portal.

UAN Member Portal

UAN Member Portal

Nowadays, one person works for more than one company or organization and he has different Member IDs with different company. The purpose of UAN Member Portal is to give a Single Identification Number for multiple IDs allotted by many Establishments to one person. The UAN Member Portal works to combine all Member IDs of employee and gives only One Universal Account Number. Thus, UAN Number can be used to handle all transactions relating to Provident Fund through UAN Member Portal.

The UAN Employer Portal is created for Employers and Establishments, so that Employers can perform various activities relating to UAN. Here we will discuss about how UAN Member Portal is beneficial to Employees and the UAN Employer Portal is helpful to the Employers.

UAN Member Portal: Facility to Employee

EPF Balance

Employees can check their EPF Balance online through UAN Member Portal. The Employees must have completed registration and activation process before logging on to UAN Member Portal. Because the Employees need to enter their UAN Number and Password to see their Provident Fund Balance.

EPF Passbook

Employees often want to know about the Debit and Credit transactions in their PF Account. Every month Employee’s contribution and Employer’s contribution are deposited into Employee’s Provident Fund Account. So the Employees have the feature to Download EPF Passbook through UAN Member Portal. The Passbook includes all transactions which have taken place in EPF Account in last few days.

UAN Card

Employees who have activated their Universal Account Number, can download their UAN Card from UAN Member Portal. In order to download UAN Card, the Employees have to login with their UAN Number and Password. The UAN Card includes details of Employee like Member Name, Member’s Father’s Name, KYC details on front side and UAN Number of Member on back side.

Raise and Settle Claim

Employees can apply directly to EPFO for their Claim for Provident Fund via UAN Member Portal on retirement or resignation. In Settlement of Claim by EPFO, the Employer does not interrupt.

Claim Status

Employees can easily check their Claim Status online on UAN Member Portal through UAN Number and Password.

PF Transfer

When the Employee wants to transfer his Provident Fund (PF) Account from one Employer to another Employer, UAN Member Portal is very useful. The Employee needs to raise PF Transfer request online on UAN Member Portal. Thereafter, Employee should give his UAN Card or UAN Number to New Employer to get his EPF Account added.

PF Withdrawal

Employee can request for partial withdrawal of Provident Fund through UAN Member Portal. So the Employee does not need to visit EPFO Office to apply for PF Withdrawal.

UAN Employer Portal: Facility to Employer

Add New Member to UAN Services

Employer can add new employee as New Member to his Establishment through UAN Employer Portal.

Allotment of UAN Number to Newly Joined Employees

After registration and documentation of new employee on UAN Employer Portal, the system will generate Universal Account Number. The Employer should pass the New UAN Number to the employee after it is provided on UAN Employed Portal. There is also an

Add a New Member who already has a UAN Number

In case of a new employee who possess UAN Number, the Employer is required to just provide his (employee’s) UAN Number to add him on UAN Employer Portal.

Upload KYC Documents of Employees

Employer needs to upload documents of employees to complete new member registration. The UAN Employer Portal has an option of Bulk Upload for KYC documents. Thereafter, the Employer is required to verify the KYC documents uploaded on UAN Employer Portal.

Download UAN List i.e. UAN Number of All Employees

Employer can easily download UAN List from UAN Employer Portal. The UAN List includes Member’s Name, Member ID, UAN Number and Old IDs Linked.

See PF Transfer Requests from Members/Employees

On UAN Employer Portal, the Employer can see and give approval to PF Transfer request submitted by employees.

Approve PF Claim Request filed by Employees

Employer need not to send the Claim Papers to EPFO Office like earlier years. Now he can approve the PF Claim online through UAN Employer Portal.

The information provided above regarding facilities given through UAN Member Portal and UAN Employer Portal by EPFO are best of our knowledge. For any query regarding UAN Login and EPFO Member Services, kindly visit the official website at www.epfindia.gov.in and @unifiedportal.epfindia.gov.in.

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