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EPF Online Payment – Steps for EPF Online Payment through Net Banking, ECR Challan Submission and TRRN Number:

Guide for EPF Online Payment: EPF Online Payment Service is a great facility for Employers. According to EPFO Guidelines, the Employers must deposit Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) latest by 15th Date/Day of every month. The Employers have to complete EPF Payment procedure within prescribed time limit. The Employers need not to go to EPFO Office anymore as EPF Online Payment is available.

EPF Online Payment

EPF Online Payment

Every month, 8.33% amount is deducted as Provident Fund from Employee’s Salary. The Employer keeps that part (of Employee’s Salary) with himself and adds his (Employer’s) contribution of 3.67%. Thus, the total amount to be credited every month to PF Account of Employee is 12% of Salary (i.e. 8.33+3.67=12%). The Provident Fund is calculated @12% of Employee’s Salary i.e. Basic Pay+Dearness Allowance.

Benefits of EPF Online Payment

There are many benefits to Employers who prefer EPF Online Payment.

  • The Employers need not to prepare and submit Paper Return to EPFO.
  • The Employers do not need to submit other returns i.e. Form 5, 10, 12, 3A, 6A.
  • An SMS Message will be immediately send to Employer’s Mobile Phone as EPF Online Payment is successful.
  • The EPF Contribution is credited into Members’ PF Accounts on monthly basis.
  • The Employers need not to visit regional EPFO Office for EPF Payment.

The EPFO has launched Employer e-Sewa Portal for EPF Online Payment and Other Services to Employers. The Online Payment towards Provident Fund is available through Net Banking of SBI and many other banks. The Employers can easily make payment for EPF by using any of the Online Banking Services. Here we will discuss about Complete Procedure of EPF Online Payment as follows:

  1. Online Registration of Employer /Establishment
  2. Online Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) /Challan Submission
  3. Generation of Temporary Return Reference Number (TRRN) and Challan
  4. EPF Online Payment through Net Banking

Online Registration of Employer /Establishment:

The Employers must register himself or Establishment on Unified Portal. Because Only Registered Employers are eligible to use EPF Online Payment facility. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has made the Employer Registration Process very easy. Kindly follow the steps given below for Online Registration of Employer /Establishment_

  1. Log on to EPFO Unified Portal at https://unifiedportal.epfindia.gov.in/.
  2. Find out Online Services: For Employers.
  3. Click on the link Online Registration of Establishment (OLRE).
  4. Read all the instructions and guidelines given on page.
  5. Keep all documents ready (with digitally signed) before your start Registration.
  7. Navigate to Important Links and click on Application for Employer Registration.
  8. Please read the Instruction Manual and tick the box titled as I have read the Instruction Manual completely.
  9. Then click on Register button to open the Application Form.
  10. Provide your personal details i.e. Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender, PAN, Address 1, Address 2, Email ID, Mobile Number etc.
  11. Choose your User Name and Password for Login purpose.
  12. Select Hint Question for User Name or Password recovery in future.
  13. Enter the Captcha code and click on GET PIN button.
  14. You will receive a PIN on your Mobile Phone.
  15. Enter the Mobile PIN in the box given.
  16. Read the Declaration carefully and tick the box I Agree to the above Declaration.
  17. Finally click on Register button to proceed.
  18. Upload Digitally Signed Documents as per instructions.
  19. Complete the rest of formalities to finish Employer Registration Process.

After successful registration, the Employers need to upload Employees Details with Member ID and UAN on Unified Portal.

Online ECR /Challan Submission (by Employer):

The Employers who wants to do EPF Online Payment, should submit Electronic Challan cum Return. Because the Payment of Contribution towards EPF is possible only after Online ECR /Challan Submission. Before starting this process, the Employers must collect several details about Employees i.e. Full Name of Employee, UAN, Member ID (PF Account Number), Gross Wages, EPF Contribution etc. The Process Flow of ECR (Challan) Submission will be as under_

  1. Visit the EPFO Unified Portal at https://unifiedportal.epfindia.gov.in/.
  2. Find out and select the link Online ECR /Challan Submission under For Employers section.
  3. Read all the instructions and benefits to Employers mentioned on page.
  4. Go through the Process Flow of ECR to know How to submit Challan.
  5. Get back to instructions page and click on Click Here for the Employer e-Sewa.
  6. Now enter your User Name and Password to Sign In to your Account.
  7. First of all, check your details in Employer Profile.
  8. Select Payments tab to open it.
  9. Click on ECR [UPLOAD] to start the process.
  10. Read the Important Notes and checkout ECR Help File carefully.
  11. Enter Wage Month and Salary Disbursal Date.
  12. Choose File from your computer to upload. (See below for how to prepare ECR File.)
  13. Select File Type i.e. ECR or Arrears.
  14. Contribution Rate is fixed that will be shown automatically.
  15. Give Remarks as you prefer.
  16. Click on Upload button to upload the ECR File.
  17. After the ECR File is successfully uploaded, a message will appear “File Validation Successful.”
  18. The ECR File Uploading Process is complete here.

How to Prepare ECR File in Notepad on Computer:

You need to write down Employee’s Details in Notepad, separate each detail with #~#. The Details of Employee will be in order as follows:

  1. UAN
  2. Member Name
  3. Gross Wages
  4. EPF Wages
  5. EPS Wages
  6. EDLI Wages
  7. EPF Contribution Remitted
  8. EPS Contribution Remitted
  9. EPF EPS Difference Remitted
  10. NCP Days
  11. Refund of Advances

The ECR File you prepare will look like below_

ECR File Format

Online Generation of TRRN Number and Challan:

The Process of Generating TRRN Number starts where the ECR File Upload is complete. Here, TRRN means Temporary Return Reference Number. As you see the Message “File Validation Successful, File Processing is in progress”, visit the Employer e-Sewa Portal after sometime. Follow the steps mentioned below_

  1. After the ECR File is validated by system, you need to verify it.
  2. Click on Verify button for the ECR File you uploaded recently.
  3. The TRRN Number will be generated for the recent ECR File.
  4. You will see the instructions for you to Prepare Challan.
  5. Then click on Prepare Challan button to see the Challan details on your screen.
  6. Check all the details shown and then click on Generate Challan button to proceed.
  7. As the Challan is generated, click on Finalize link.
  8. Download the generated Challan as PDF file.
  9. The TRRN and Challan Generating Process gets over here.

EPF Online Payment through Net Banking:

The EPF Online Payment begins from TRRN and Challan. The Employer must have Online (Internet/Net) Banking Service active. Because the EPF Online Payment is available through Net Banking only. Please checkout the procedure given below_

  1. Please ensure that TRRN and Challan are generated successfully.
  2. Go to In-process Challan List and navigate to Payment column.
  3. Click on Pay button of your desired Challan.
  4. You will see ECR Payment Page showing TRRN Number, Payable Amount, Payment Mode and List of Banks.
  5. Choose the Online Payment Mode.
  6. Select your relevant bank from the available list.
  7. Click on Continue button to proceed to Net Banking Page.
  8. Login with your User Name and Password.
  9. Make EPF Online Payment through Net Banking.
  10. You will receive an SMS Message as the Payment is done.
  11. Save the Payment Receipt as proof.

Please visit EPFO Official Website at www.epfindia.gov.in and Unified Portal at https://unifiedportal.epfindia.gov.in/ for more information about EPF Online Payment, Employer Registration, ECR /Challan Submission, TRRN Number and Online Payment of EPF via Net Banking.

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